Cookies policy

Cookies policy
This section has been created to inform you of the use of Cookies in Lit-Off Desarrollo when visiting your website.

1 Definitions
1. Administrator – Lit-Off Desarrollo, S.L. c/ casanovas i Bosch, 58 local. 08202 Sabadell. (Barcelona).

2. Cookies – is a small data information that has been sent from a web page and stored in the user’s browser while browsing a web page.

3. Administrator Cookies – Cookies administrator services.

4. Plug-in Cookies – Cookies plugins.

5. Service – determines the web page through which the Administrator provides his web service, under the

6. Device – is a device with access to Service.

7. User – is an agent, both human agent (end user) or software agent, who uses a computer or network service.

2 Type of cookies used
1. Cookies can be issued on our website by third parties, as a result of their integrated applications on our website, or through their content who emit in our advertising spaces or by external advertisers who use our advertising space.

2. Cookies allow us:

a. Count the number of pages viewed to advertise the content distributed in our advertising space, identify the ads shown, the number of users who have clicked on them, with the aim of collecting statistics.

b. To recognize your device when you are browsing other sites where advertisers or third parties also emit cookies and adapt the content to your device.

3 The use of cookies
1. At any time you can accept or reject the installation of cookies on your device when you configure your navigation software.

4 Options to determine storage or access for cookies
1. You can control the cookies recorded on your device. You can modify your options for free and at any time, according to the options available in your web browser. If you have accepted cookies, these will be integrated into the pages and content you are consulting and may be temporarily stored in a special site on your device. Only those who have issued them can read these cookies.

2. Even when cookies are rejected, a cookie is installed that allows us to memorize your choice, so you do not have to ask if you want to accept or reject cookies in all visits.

3. If you refuse to accept cookies on your device or if you delete what has been recorded, you will not be able to benefit from a number of features that are necessary to browse certain sites on our website. This would be the case if you were trying to access content or services that need a login. This would also be the case if we could not recognize, for technical reasons, the type of browser that your device uses, its language and the settings on the display, or the country from which your device seems to be connected to the internet.